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Welcome to Mike Maroone Chevrolet North Service Center

At Mike Maroone Chevrolet North, the Certified Service experts know precisely which parts your Chevrolet car, truck, or SUV needs -rely on them to maintain your Chevrolet with the same parts used to build it. Hearing a rattle? Had a fender bender? Head down the service lane for any type of auto repair service, major or minor. Our Chevrolet Certified Service experts are trained to know every inch of your vehicle and can help you keep it running like new. Simply schedule an appointment today.

Service Offers And Pricing

We offer competitive prices on popular vehicle services like oil changes, brakes and tires.


Need New Tires?

Your vehicle's tires are the first and only contact with the road, so it is important to choose the right set when replacing them. Mike Maroone Chevrolet North has Certified Service experts that will handle all of your tire needs. From checking tire wear to tire pressure, our team can also help you find new tires for your vehicle.

Need an Oil Change Near COLORADO SPRINGS

Driving around with dirty oil - or not enough oil - can shorten the life of your engine. Our Certified Service experts can change your oil quickly. Schedule an appointment today.


With your Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, you get a thorough assessment of your vehicle by the Certified Service experts. So protect yourself and your automotive investment with a comprehensive vehicle inspection at your Mike Maroone Chevrolet North today.

Download the GM Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Sheet

The Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection form uses a simple color-coded key to assess maintenance terms:

  • Red indicates items that need immediate attention.
  • Yellow indicates items that should be addressed in the near future.
  • Green indicates no items to address.

Hearing Brake Noise?

Stopping power is crucial to a safe and successful driving experience. When you need brake service, visit Mike Maroone Chevrolet North and the Chevrolet Certified Service experts can recommend quality new brakes.

Battery Trouble?

Your vehicle's battery provides energy to start the engine, plus it supplies power to accessories when the engine is not running. The cold of winter and the heat of summer can affect your auto battery. See us for your vehicle's battery needs.

Amazing Automotive Maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO

A great journey doesn't just happen. At Mike Maroone Chevrolet North, our experts will go the extra mile to help keep your vehicle performing at the top of its game. Confidence and reliability come standard with our dealership in your corner. Schedule a service appointment with us today, and we'll help you experience a ride worth remembering.

Services Offered

We provide a wide range of services for nearly any make, model, and body style. Whether you pride yourself on exploring Castle Rock in a new or pre-owned Chevy or cruise Pueblo in something a little different, our auto Service Center can help. Get great service and enjoy amazing savings with Chevy service specials when choosing our Service Center.

Oil Changes

Protect your internal engine components from excessive wear and tear. Let our team perform your next oil change so we can help you maintain or improve your car's performance. Let us perform the service your vehicle needs and get you back on the road in no time.

Tire Service

Your tires are integral to your vehicle's performance. Healthy tires keep your ride smooth, safe, and more enjoyable. We'll inspect, rotate, and replace your tires when needed, so every aspect of your journey is exceptional.

Battery Service

Stay powered up for anything that comes your way. Your battery keeps your infotainment, safety, and convenience features humming. Additionally, your engine needs the right amount of juice to get the journey started. We'll ensure you have everything you need for an amazing ride.

Multi-Point Inspection

We'll go over your vehicle with a fine-toothed comb. Our multi-point inspection gives you a reliable checkpoint to ascertain your vehicle's overall health, and keep apprised of any issues before they become major concerns.

Schedule an Appointment Online near Fountain, CO

Visit us online to schedule your next service appointment. The process is quick, simple, and on your schedule. Let Mike Maroone Chevrolet North help you experience a better adventure.

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